Walkthrough For A-Ke-O-Me

Here is the walkthrough for A-Ke-O-Me point and click game:
-Get the paddle from the frame in the wall.
-Turn right and move the middle statue to the top shelf and the bottom statue to the middle shelf.
-Get the blue chip.
-Turn right again and get the iPod from under the pillow.
-Click the right side of the bed.
-Get the feathers.
-Turn right and get the top from under the locked cabinet.
-Use the blue chip on the iPod.
-Click the microphone. Get the cat food.
-Use the cat food in the cat bowl. Open the chest to get the paintbrush.
-Use the paintbrush on the statue on top of the locked cabinet.
-Get the yellow key.
-Use the yellow key on the locked cabinet. Get the stool.
-Place the stool on the "X". Pull the cord and get the red key.
-Use the red key on the front door and you're out!
Source: EscapeGames24

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