Walkthrough For Abandoned

Here is the walkthrough for point and click game:

Walkthrough 1

Click around the ladder; you’ll get a message stating it’s just “some dirt”. A nearly imperceptible item will appear. It’s a SCREWDRIVER. Grab it. Go up the ladder by means of clicking slightly off the picture screen (a hand will appear).

Use the screwdriver on the lock. You will be taken to a new room. Check the wooden piece on the floor for a clue: the number 5, and then two horizontal slashes and a triangle. There is a cryptic note on the wall as well.

Take a left twice. Open the small panel on the single door you see here and grab PURPLE GEM. The door, however, is locked.

Take a right to face the long hallway.You can go up, or forward. Click forward once. You’ve progressed halfway down this hallway. Now you can click to the left or right, to go into one room on each side. Click right.

You’ll notice a yellow star puzzle on the shelf. You can check it out, but you don’t have the pieces to solve it. Return. Now take a left. Here’s a room with a chair and large window. A wedge-shaped CERAMIC PIECE is lying in the corner. There is also a clock on the wall above it. Ignore it for now, head out.

Now that you’re back in the hallway, go to the end. You’ll be in a room with a saw table. Pick up the CERAMIC PIECE on the table. Click on the bright piece of wood lying on the left side of the table for a clue: the number 3 and three equilateral triangles. There is also a small clickable box on the bottom shelf. For now, leave it alone. Go back.

Hit the lower button on the screen like you’re wanting to retreat from where you came. That is, you’re backing up down the hallway to where you started. Hitting the down hand when you’re at the beginning of the hallway will take you to a staircase.

A white switch is seen on the wall halfway up, you’ll notice something needs to be inserted there. Click down, as you just came from upstairs.

A dark, creepy hallway. Go left. Click the piece of wood for another number clue: 4, and a wavy line. Grab the CERAMIC PIECE hanging on the arch. Go up. Get the RUBBER GLOVE on the counter. Go back. You can take a left and be taken to the main door. If you check it out, you’ll see the name Ruby drawn on the window. Something seems to be missing from the door panel, though. Return. Notice the cryptic symbols on the wall. Go back to the right. Now return to the dark hallway. Go down.

A double-doors room. Notice the cryptic symbols above the door. Grab the CERAMIC PIECE under the table. Click the trashcan. There’s something in there under a corrosive-looking substance. Equip your rubber glove to retrieve it. A WRENCH. Take a left.

You’re in a room with a four white light panel. Here’s where the symbols all over the place, and on the poster at the beginning, come into play. By the map, the symbols by the Ruby door are: 3, 1. And in the acid room, that symbol lets you in on what direction to read the symbol map for two separate codes: 231, 431, if taking the buttons from left to right, top row to bottom row. The light bulb will go on, flip the switch to activate all power. Grab the BROKEN MIRROR off the barrel to the right. Open the circuit box in the back for a BLUE GEM. Leave. Now go up through the double door you came from. Back to the dark hallway. Take a right.

Here’s a yellowish, dimly-lit room with some kind of circle drawing on the floor. If you check the pillar, it’ll say some bricks are loose. Start clicking like crazy to rip em off. About halfway down the pillar, you’ll find a YELLOW GEM. Go forward into what looks like a locker room. Grab the POCKET WATCH on the bench. Return.

Go back through the dim hallway, to the stairs, back to the main hall, and into the star puzzle room. Use your ceramic pieces to spell, from the top point, the name JOHNY. When finished, an arrow will appear in the center pointing out the letter H. Leave here. Now go into the opposite room, with the clock on the wall. Use the pocket watch as a guide to setting the clock. The time should be 2: 38. When you get it right, a GREEN GEM will appear. Take it.

Return to the beginning room with the ladder and well to the right. Use your wrench on the back valve that you previously couldn’t budge. This will turn on the water. Now check the well. A great condition doll will appear, floating to the top. Get the DOLL. Now go back to the main hall. Head down to the room at the very end, where that box lay on the bottom shelf. Now that we’ve found all the number/symbol clues, look along the edge of the work table. It should be simple to read by now: 5334. Click on the box on the shelf below the work table and click the corresponding buttons. Inside you will find a RING OF KEYS. Leave.

Back to the locked door (left at the beginning of the main hall). Use keys on door. Now you’re in a conference room. Check out the chalkboard. That star symbol again, with each point corresponding to a button on a vertical panel. Looks kinda like the main door panel. We know the arrow indicated H, so piece it together: from up to down, YJONH. Check out the calendar. Each month, from Feb. back to Oct., has a symbol. Starting from Oct.: sun, half moon with points to left, half moon with points to right, star, and full moon. Grab the KNIFE on the floor below calendar. Leave.

Head back to staircase. Use the knife in the switch to reveal a hidden room under stairs. Grab the BOOK from the shelf. Read it and notice correlation between page colors, and dates of entry. Head back to main door. Press panel buttons in sync with the spelling of Johny’s name, as was illustrated on chalkboard. If you don’t know, it’s: 2,3,5,4,1. You will gain access to a reddish, hazy hall.

Click on the stack of boxes on the floor to the left to reveal RED GEM. You cannot go any further. Return to the yellow pillar room. Now that you have all gems, you may place them on the symbols around the circle in accordance with the symbols given by the calendar, which are in accordance with the colors of the book pages, which, in turn, are in accordance with the dates as well. But there’s still something missing from the offering circle in the center. Place the doll in the offering spot. A huge flash of lightning will descend. Use your mirror to capture the spectral light.

Now head towards the red mist hall. Use the mirror to dispel the haze. Go forward. And out!

Source: Lazy Laces

Walkthrough 2

-Click the dirt below the steps a couple of times to get the screwdriver.
-Go up the ladder and use the screwdriver on the padlock.
-Note the diagram on the wall. Click the wooden block on the floor and note the symbol and the number 5.
-Go left and then the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Click the bottom arrow again.
-Go right and note the diagram on the floor. Click the pillar and note there are loose bricks.
-Click the bricks until one falls off. Get the yellow gem. There are 2 loose bricks but only one gives you the gem.
-Click the up arrow and get the pocketwatch. Note that the time is stuck on 2:27.
-Go down and left. Turn left again. Click the wooden block and note the symbol and the number 4. Get the ceramic H.
-Go forward and get the rubber glove.
-Go back, right, and then click the bottom arrow. Get the ceramic N.
-Click the big metal bin and use your glove to get the wrench.
-Go left. Get the mirror. Click the panel on the right side of the wall and get the blue gem. Note the light bulbs don’t work.
-Go back all the way up the stairs and then go forward once.
-Turn left and note the clock on the left side. Set the clock to 2:27. Get the green gem.
-Exit the room and go forward. Get the ceramic J from the right side of the workbench.
-Note the wooden tile with the symbol and number 3.
-On the front of the workbench you will see the symbols to the ones that correspond to the numbers you found. This code ends up being 5334.
-Click the wooden box under the table and if you think that the buttons on the box are number 1-5, from left to right. Press the buttons for 5334. Get the set of keys.
-Go back and then left. Open the panel and get the purple gem.
-Use the keys to open the door.
-Click the chalkboard and note the orientation of the star, as well as the points on the star that correspond to the 5 “buttons”. Note where the arrow is pointing.
-Click the calendar next to the window and note the symbols that are associated with each month.
-Get the bloody knife at the bottom of the left side desk. Exit the room, go forward, and then right.
-Click the star puzzle and starting with “J” at the top, spell “JOHNY” in a clockwise direction.
-Note that the arrow is pointing to the letter “H”. (Remember there was an arrow pointing at point on the star in the chalkboard diagram?).
-Go back downstairs to the stairwell. Use the knife in the switch on the left. Get the old book from the desk that is now lit up. Note that each month’s entry is outlined in a certain color.
-Click the down arrow and go left twice. Click the door up ahead and then the door panel.
-With the diagram on the chalkboard the letter that the arrow was pointing to on the star puzzle, you can deduce that from top to bottom, the letters are Y J O N H. Press the letters in the order that spells JOHNY (51243).
-Open the door, move the boxes and get the red gem. Note the thick red fog.
-Go back and note the symbols on the wall.
-Turn right twice and then back. Note the orientation of the symbol above the door. Now go left.
-If you think that the buttons are:
Press them in this order: BCA, DCA. Both lights should now be on.
-Go back down to where you began. Use the wrench on the handle that wouldn’t turn. Now the water is on.
-Go left and get the doll from the well.
-Go back to the room with the diagram on the floor (and the broken pillar). According to the symbols from the months on the calendar, as well as the color that each month’s entry in the diary appear. Please the gems in the appropriate spots and then the doll in the middle.
October – Sun – Green
November – Crescent moon (points to left) – Purple
December – Crescent moon (points to right) – Blue
January – Star – Yellow
February – Circle – Red
-Use your mirror on the lightning. Now your mirror is powerful.
-Return to where you got the red gem (you will have to reenter the JOHNY code). Use the mirror on the thick fog and you’re out!

Explanation of light bulb puzzle:
Take a look at the diagram you have that you got from the wall when you first exited the basement. Each square represents the corresponding buttons where the lightbulbs are. There is a symbol with a circle with one arrow pointing up and one pointing right. Remember a similar symbol above the door right before the light bulb puzzle? The circle had arrows pointing down and left. Physically turn your paper so that the diagram had the circle symbols pointing down and left as well. Now mentally label the squares:

Now recall the two symbols (one had 2 circles with curved lines and one had 2 circles connected by one line) that were just before the door leading to the red gem.
Starting with the 2 circles/curved lines, the arrow path will give you the pattern: BCA.
Now going to the 2 circles connected by one line and follow the arrow path. You now get DCA.

Source: Escape Games 24

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