Walkthrough For Abducted

Here is the walkthrough for Abducted:

open the drawer and take the silver key to open the green door

Click the dress to get a code and use it with the computer

Zoom in the computer and click on the control panel, den the user accounts. Change the guest’s priority to admin den go bak one folder and go to admin controls and click security system

Click on the display settings and click on the mess up display. a small number can be seen at the bottom : 8473

Enter it into the safe and get a paperclip, its small. Use it to pick the lock of the red door.

LEVEL TWO : code :kaboom

Mix the chemicals, red, pink den blue in this order.

Put the powder in the crack on the wall

Use the key(in inventory) to unlock the box to find a screwdriver and a rope

Use the rope with the crack in the wall and light it

LEVEL THREE : code sneak

Use the screwdriver and remove the panel

Use the paper clip with the second drawer and take the dissecting tool

Go to the next room and use the paper with the paper on the table when the camera isn't looking, just kip trying

Dissect the monkey as the paper says and take the key in its belly. Use it on the third drawer to get a green key

Use the green key on the panel on the floor to take the alien suit den click on the yellow panel

LEVEL FOUR : code :homeward

Give the keys to the alien nearest the door

Den use the screwdriver to open the panel and use the dissecting tool on the metal in it

Den talk to the alien beside the panel

Lastly, talk to the last alien and click the fourth selection

Click on the computer and click on the right black ball


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