Walkthrough For AC/BC Escape

Here is the walkthrough for AC/BC Escape:
1. get red numbers 1 from under rug
2. get M4 station from ashtray, then get hook from under table
3. get blue key from under plant
4. use hook on green sign for green numbers 1
5. get pink pin between couch and cabinet
6. get blue dvd from couch cushions
7. use blue key on cabinet for minidisc
8. get blue numbers 1 from behind couch
9. get black key 1 from lamp shade
10. get wooden parts from cabinet under books
11. open movie screen to find safe and keypad
12. turn lights off, look under trash for code
13. open keypad with pin, enter code to open safe, get mirror
14. use minidisc on stereo for black key 2
15. tune to M4 press red button, then look under couch for three lights
16. use mirror on lights to get red, green, and blue numbers 2
17. press red button on stereo again to exit red screen
18. bookcase has now moved revealing a window, find pink key on window sill, use wooden parts on wall beside window
19. on top of bookcase is black button, press to reveal staircase
20. enter stairs, look behind bookcase and press button to turn on lights
21. below button behind bookcase is yellow light, use mirror to get yellow numbers 2
22. go back to couch, use pink pin on hole in wall to open disc drive, insert dvd
22. turn off lights, and click movie screen to watch movie
23.enter stairs, walk up, turn around and go to staircase to left of stair entrance
24. move to computer, look down at toolbox
25. use pink key to unlock, get yellow numbers 1 from top drawer, and black keys 3 and 4 from bottom two drawers
26. use computer, enter paper numbers 1 first, then math action, then light numbers 2 in order on screen, click ok
27. go up stairs to door, pad on left shows BGRY
28. Black keys have letters on them, use them in order GYBR on corresponding colors, click door
end of game>

Source: Lazy Laces

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