Walkthrough For Ambivalence

Here is the walkthrough for Ambivalence :
1st: get the crowbar from the box with the handle (beginning screen)
2nd: get key from transportation box (beginning screen)
3rd: get coin, right from the drink machine
4th: Put the crowbar in the transportation box (beginning screen)

5th: Change side: grab crowbar and use it on the hatch right bottom screen
6th: grap the gold coin & transport the gold coin

7th: change side and grab the gold coin.
8th: use gold coin in the drink machine and get the blue can. Look at blue can and open it, click a few time on the opener until it falls off.
9th: Click on the “coin-change-whole” of the machine and get another silver coin.
10th: use the silver coins on the drink machine and get the orange can, get the piece of paper as well. Again, open the can and click a few times on the opener until it falls off.
11th: poor both drinks in the whole, bottom right of the drink machine.
12th: look at the orange can, press the bottom of the can and grap the piece of paper.
13th: transport one piece of opener

14th: switch side and grab the piece of opener. Use it on the “wheel-handle” and take this handle and transport it.

15th: Switch side again, take the blue handle and put it in the box left from the transportation hatch. Close this box and click the handle twice. Switch side.

16th: Note the digital number, and the symbol under the red triangle on the door. This number matches the symbol. Look at the whole at the bottom right. Here you see 4 symbols, where only the circle is not filled with the drinks.
Switch sides again

17th: Switch the handle again 3 times and switch side again.

18th: note that the digital number has changed and the symbol under the red triangle as well. This is caused by the switch on the other side. Note all the numbers of all the symbols. This are six numbers eventually, however, the number with the circle is not useful.

19th: switch side and take back the blue wheel handle and put it to its original place. Switch sides again and close the transportation hatch. Switch again from side and not the third piece of paper in the transportation hatch. Take it.
Combine all three papers and note the pattern.
20th. Reset the the blue wheel (left, right, left, as can be seen on notes)
21th: Follow the whole pattern as written on the pieces of paper with the blue wheel. (2R, 3L, 2R, 1L, 4R, 3L) If done correctly, one hears another door/hatch closing.

22th: Switch sides, and open the transportation hatch. one sees a laser machine in the transportation whole. Put the key in it and click the red button. Grab the key after it has been lasered and use it on the keypad, note the green light is turning on. Put in the 4-digit code (Square, penta & triangle = 8217)

23: Switch side and use the blue wheel, turn it to the left. Congratulations, you opened the door and you are free!
Source: Lazy Laces

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