Walkthrough For Anika's Odyssey

Here is the walkthrough for Anika's Odyssey:
So to start off with, the arm that lives inside the house is pointing, which apparently means you're supposed to get some water. So click on the bucket to pick it up, and then click near the pump to walk over to it. Click near the pump again to put the bucket down. At this point, an eagle will fly in and steal your precious stuffed toy!

Click on the bucket to pick it up, and click on yourself to put it down. Click on it again to stand on it, and jump over the electric fence.

Scroll to the right and click near the big tree with the hole in it to walk over to it. Click near the hollow log to walk over to that, then click it again to crawl through it. You don't get far, however, before three mischievous imps appear to hamper your progress.

Once you regain control, click on the big tree with the hole in it to walk over to it. The red imp will follow you. Click on the hole to look in it. You'll find nothing, but this prompts the red imp to look in it too, and he gets stuck. Click on him to give him a nudge, at which point he will disappear into the bottomless pit inside the tree. The others will go over to find out what happened to him, leaving you free to go through the log.

After waving goodbye to the imps, scroll to the right and click on the log floating in the water. Click on the strange rock-like object in front of you. That's not a rock at all! It's a giant swamp monster! And apparently it's as scared as you as you are of it, since in its fright it bonks its head on the branch above, breaking the branch and causing the chameleon on it to go flying.

Jump back on land and pull the vines in this order: Red, yellow, blue. This is the order the imps appeared in. After this, the chameleon, now blue, will jump down, and extend its long sticky tongue out for you to cross the swamp with. Jump back on the log and click on its tongue to be taken across.

Click on the rock to the right to get back onto land. Climb up to the berry bush and click on it to grab some berries. Fish love berries, and this giant here needs a bite. Slide back down the vine and scroll downwards, clicking on the rock lower down near the fishing bob. Click on yourself to throw the berries, which will ultimately result in you ending up on the same level as Mr. Giant Head.

Once you have control again, climb up the "ladder" behind Heady McHead and go over to the machine. Pull the lever to start it, and notice which gears spark. Click on them to knock them off. Repeat this a few times until the machine finally works and the bridge lowers.

Cross the bridge and click on the cart full of rocks to push it onto the bridge. Cross back over again and use the machine. The bridge will crash through the ledge, making a path to the lower ledge.

Head down there and down the steps, then begin your trek up the wide path, which is halted halfway up by a large, obese mountain goat. Head back down and up to the bridge again, and crawl into the dark tunnel.

Click on the gate to send a rock out. The goat will learn a circus trick, and the path will be open once again. Head back through the tunnel, down the steps, and up the path once more, this time all the way to the top.

Looks like Mother Eagle isn't here for now. Head up to the nest and grab your stuffed toy. Try to leave and the eagle will come! Be prepared for an epic fight to the finish! Well, okay, not really. The giant rock monster comes to life and scares the eagle away. Click on the feathers that it left behind to fashion yourself some snazzy new Icarus wings! Pit would be proud of you. Head over to the nest again, and use those new wings of yours to fly home.

This might look like the ending, but we're not finished yet. You still have to get the water, remember? So click on the bucket to walk over to it, then again to pick it up. You're keeping a firm hold on that toy of yours this time - you don't want it to get stolen again, do you? Click on the pump to walk over to it, then again to put the bucket down, then again to fill it with water. Click on the bucket to pick it up, then click on the house until you go in it. The arm living inside will congratulate you on a job well done, and you will return inside for some well-earned rest.

But the spirit of Icarus lives on in this girl's heart.

Source: Lazy Laces

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