Walkthrough For Bathroom Escape (Another Version)

Here is the walkthrough for Bathroom Escape (Another Version) :
1. Get hairdryer, plug it in by putting it over socket on wall. Click on it, you see "DB" on the mirror.
N.B. In my first try, the black box was lying on the sink together with the hairdryer. If it isn't there, see step 3.
2. Go left, take toilet paper.
3. Go left, click on top of toilet (tip of the cover) to open top of water reservoir. Find black box in there.
4. Go left, click on plant-like thing on right side of door. See "CA".
5. Take black box, put it over magnifying glass. Then enter the code by using CADB; where A=1, B=2, etc. -Found the order of cadb out by trial and error-. Now you get a screwdriver. Always convenient… ;-)

6. Go left again, now you're facing the mirror and hairdryer again. Click on cabinet below. Inside it you see a square on the left side. Open it up with the screwdriver. You get a valve.
7. Go up again and put valve on tap. Now it works.
8. Wetten toilet paper.
9. Put wet toilet paper on socket on wall. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
10. Click on hairdryer. Everything explodes, but you'll live and get a key.
11. Go to door, use key and leave….
Source: Lazy Laces

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