Walkthrough For Bear's Room

Here is the walkthrough for Bear's Room point and click game:
1. Go right, click on yellow pieces to zoom in.
2. Move triangle - get right pillar (kaleidoscope)
3. Click bottom of left pillar - get yellow pawn.
4. Go back, click to open left cabinet - get handle on top shelf and honey from bottom right.
5. Go back, then right, and open drawer - get book and green pawn.
6. Go back, get pink "book" from shelf.
7. View "book" in inventory, and click to form stepladder.
8. Go right, and move chair - get blue pawn.
9. Click top left of house to get red pawn.
10. Click triangle on floor to pull back carpet.
11. Use handle on holes - click to open.
12. Go down ladder, and turn left (or right).
13. Give honey to bear - he'll sit up.
14. Go right, and back up ladder, and go right.
15. Place stepladder on floor to right of painting.
16. Click above top right of picture - get key.
17. Go back, view book in inventory, and use key to open lock.
18. Open book, note location on painting to use kaleidoscope in inventory.
19. Zoom in on painting, and use kaleidoscope on left cloud. Not position of colors.
20. Go back, go right, and click on top right of table - place pawns in corresponding positions.
21. Go back, and open right cabinet - get box.
22. Go back, then right, click on girl at door.
23. Go right, down, left, and click on bear.
24. Get key from wall.
25. Go right, then up, then left.
26. View box in inventory, use key to open - get remote.
27. Use remote on black area above door, and click opening to exit!
Source: Escape Games 24

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