Walkthrough For Bow Street Runner

Here is the walkthrough for Bow Street Runner point and click game:
It's not necessary to examine everything in each scene in order to get maximum esteem points; that said, the information is interesting, and you might just learn something. This walkthrough only discusses the steps needed to earn maximum esteem and finish the episode.

Scene 1: Rose Street
*Grab the receipt from the deceased man's pocket
*Grab the red hair from the deceased man's right hand (click on each finger once quickly, then click on the hair)
*Click on the trough, click on the rope in the middle, then click on the trough again. Slide the garbage around until you uncover the knife located in the upper-right corner.
*Speak with the harlot; all you need to ask her about is the knife and then speak sternly to her, until she directs you to the Black Bull.

Scene 2: The Black Bull
*Play a game of Slide Thrift (poster located on the post between the guy to the right of Ned and the seated harlot) and win.
*Speak with Doyle (man standing to the right wearing a dark coat and a hat) - ask him his name, then ask about the watch.
*Steal the watch from Doyle's pocket without him noticing (key: smoothness + accuracy)
*Pick up the scrap of paper he drops after stealing the watch

Scene 3: Soho
*Go to the desk; pick the lock on the center drawer (same rules apply as in the watch game)
*Grab the journal entry in the drawer
*Grab the water glass from the top of the desk; use it on the wall with the door
*When listening to the conversation, move the glass around so that the voices are as clear and loud as possible (turn your sound on for this step) for maximum esteem points. (And no, you can't stop the murder)
*Grab Doyle's hat from the floor

Scene 4: Harlot's bedroom
*Sew up Hester's wounds. The key here is practice, but yes, it is possible to save her (I managed to do it with 1:25 left on the clock, and I have a laptop without a mouse). Start with the bottom wound, and work your way up. Blot, don't wipe with the sponge. Speed and smoothness are much more important here than they were with the other two games - work quickly! Accuracy isn't as much of a worry.

Scene 5: Fielding's office
*Answer the questions correctly: Doyle, watch, hair, scrap, journal.
Source: Lazy LAces

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