Walkthrough For Capricorn Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Capricorn Escape point and click game:
1. Click plant and click the star
2. Click the box. Click box in inventory, then question mark. Click the top and bottom half of box until a star appears. Click box again, then click star.
3. Click the window, then click it again to zoom in. Click top right of window until star appears. Then click the star.
4. Zoom out and go left. Click on the blue part of the right wall. Click on it again. Click the sticks until they fall in the shape of the star. Get the star.
5. Zoom out. Click on the frame on the left side of the door. Click the star until it leaves. Zoom out and click on the frame to the right of the door. Get the star.
6. Zoom out and move mouse to the left of the screen. Click on the shelf with cards. Click the one with a blue symbol. In your inventory, click the star on the lower right of the card. Click it again.
7. Zoom out and go left. Click on the circular opening on the left wall.Click on the third planet from the red dot. It becomes a star! Get it.
8. Zoom out and move mouse to the right of the screen. Click on the lid of the pot and…a star pops out! Get it.
9. Click the globe. Select the first star then click on the globe, etc, until you have no stars left. Click on the globe and a cute little ram appears.
10. Use card with the ram, it eats it and…poops the key out.(Not so cute after all.) Take key, it doesn't appear in your inventory.
11. Take a closer look at your box. You will get a wing. You will need it for perfect end.
12. Zoom out and go right. Click on door and go out.
Source: Escape Games 24

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