Walkthrough For Capybara Room

Here is the walkthrough for Capybara Room point and click game:

-Click the right side of the couch and note the safe. Click the right side of the Capybara pillow and get the White Capybara.
-Zoom out, go right and click the picture frame. Click the right side of the frame to flip it over and get the Blue Capybara.
-Click the right window shade and get the black key.
-Right again and click the top, right corner of the door to get the orange key.
-Go right and look in the trash. Get the blue key.
-Use the black key on the lockbox to get the Orange Capybara. Take the Capybara toy.
-Go right and use the orange key on the safe behind the couch. Get the Pink Capybara.
-Right again and use the blue key on the blue keyhole locked drawer. Get the screwdriver.
-Go left and click the clock. Click the right side to flip it over. Use the screwdriver to get the battery.
-Click the battery cover on the clock and get the red key.
-View the Capybara toy and click his foot to turn him over. Use the screwdriver and then insert the battery.
-Close the lid and then click the red button. Get the green key.
-Use the green key on the green keyhole locked drawer. Get the note.
-Click the bottom right drawer of the dresser. The order that the Capybara's are in your inventory are the number that they need to be inserted:
The button in the middle should now be green.
-Go right and use the red key on the safe. Push the button inside.
-Click the secret passage and you're out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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