Walkthrough For Cave Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Cave Escape:
1. Collect the inner tube to he right of the skeleton
2. Move to the left, collect the brown piece towards the top right
3. Move to the left three times collect the hat from your friends head
4.Move to the left and Give the hat to your friend and click him to get him to throw it at the snake he will have to do it several times, he will get closer each time.
5. Move to the left and collect the rope from the skeleton
6. Move to the left twice and give the rope to the guy standing on top of the rock, click him and he will throw it down, click the other guy and he will grab the rope and jump up
7. Move to the left and give the guy in the water the inner tube, click him to get him to swim back.
8.Move to the left again and put the pieces on the floor together on the wall like a puzzle.
9. Once you put the puzzle together move to the left, touch the skeleton and he will fall over revealing a videocamera, watch the video it will show someone burying a box under a boulder.
10. Towards the left you will see a pink colored (shovel?) pick it up.
11. Move twice to the left and hit the boulder with the shovel, continue dogging in that spot, you will uncover a box containing dynamite.
12. Move three times to the right and place the dynamite in the center of the circle. The woman with the torch will come and light it and YOU HAVE ESCAPED.
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