Walkthrough For Chicken Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Chicken Room Escape point and click game:

  • Pick up the second piece of paper on the floor.
  • Go right once. Find an SD card in the dustbin. Notice three chickens. If you click on them they change their position.
  • Go right once. Pick up the broom. Notice the chicken is covering a cell phone. Click to find a CD under the desk.
  • Go right once. Pick up the pencil from the box. Use the pencil and the paper together. You will find a clue to the way to align the chickens. Notice that the computer in this frame requires a code.
  • Go left twice. Align the chickens in the correct way.
  • Go right once. Notice the chicken is no longer on the cell phone. Click the phone and use the SD card on the phone. It shows PDA.
  • Go left once. Notice now four chickens lined up. Use the CD in the computer (not on the screen, but in the computer) Once the CD is inserted, click on the screen to find a math equation : A3+5D=P32
  • 73+59=132 Therefore, A=7, D=9, P=1
  • PDA = 197
  • Go right twice. Find the computer with blue screen. Use the code 197 on this screen. Click enter. Notice a button the left wall.
  • Go right once. Use the broom on the wall in the spot of the button seen on the computer. Click the button once and exit the door!

Source: Free Games News

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