Walkthrough For Christmas Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Christmas Escape:

1st present: on the Christmas-tree

2nd present:Under the bed-sheet (open from bottom)

3rd present: under the bed

4th present: under Santa’s hat

5th present: in the top-drawer on

6th present: in Santa’s boots

7th present: take wood from bin, put wood in the fireplace, present is in the bin

8th present: under the left pillow on the sofa

9th present: push Santa’s coats aside, present will fall under the sofa; take the gloves on

10th present: on the table, next to the cake

11th present:take the star from under the dustbin, put it in the picture with the reindeers over the fireplace

Window: take paper from the waste bin, but it on the wood in the fire place; take the 2nd knob from the right from the wardrobe with the coats; use the knob on the 2nd drawer next to the bed, take the matches; light the fire with the matches, look at the thermometer. When it raises you can open the window.
Take the fork from the snowman, note the number (25); eat the piece of cake with the fork, take the plate and note the number (changes in every game)

Key: use the number for the safe, take the hammer; use the hammer on the icicle in the left window, use the gloves to take the frozen key; put the plate in front of the fireplace, place the key on it until it melts, take the key and the plate

12th present:use the water on the wilted plant next to the door, leave the scene and come back, take the present in the plant and take the spoon behind it

13th present: look under the left side of the bed; note the number (12), set the clock to 12:25, open it

14th present: the final present is under the snowman’s hat. to get it, put the fork back and put the spoon on the other side. the snowman will smile and then lift his hat.

Use the key on the door and you are out!

You can get off, when you’ve got the key, even if you don’t have all the presents.

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