Walkthrough For Christmas Escape 2

Here is the walkthrough for Christmas Escape 2 point and click game:
-Click the laptop and note that the columns are colored and the amounts can be changed.
-Get the faucet knob from behind the laptop.
-Click the bottom left drawer and flip through the green book until you get the code 8+4*92.
-Click under the desk and get the snowman ornament.
-Click the lamp and get the orange light bulb.
-Click the bears and get the bell ornament from under the white bear’s hat.
-Go right and click the picture on the right. Get the gingerbread ornament from under it.
-Click the calendar and note the arrow pointing upwards. You can view up and see matches in the vent.
-Go right and note the amount of colored liquids in the test tubes.
-Click in the sink and get the mug.
-Attach the faucet knob to the faucet and fill the mug with water.
-Go right and click the books above the bed. Click the single book and get the lab table key.
-Go left, unlock the lab drawer, and get the lamp cord.
-Go right (or left) twice and enter your amounts on the computer. Green: 2, Red: 1, Blue: 4, Yellow: 5, Black: 3.
-Use this code on the coded cabinet under the sink and get the hammer.
-Go right and click the lamp. Replace the light bulb.
-Click to the left of the night table and plug in the cord.
-Click the front of the night table and enter in the code you found in the green book. The bed will fold and now you can turn on the lamp.
-Use the hammer on the crack that is on the floor, under the bed, and get the desk key.
-Go right, open the desk cabinet and get the hand shovel and the seed. Read the note about the magical tree.
-When you opened the present for the shovel, that also gives you the bow ornament.
-Go left and use the shovel on the dirt in the floor, plant the seed, cover it, and then water it with the water from the mug. Turn on the lamp. According to the note in the present box, you will have to wait until the plant grows and gives a red ornament.
-Go right and now you have mail on you computer. Follow the instructions, kick the door three times on the bottom, and then it is unlocked
-Go right and kick the door, open it, get the ladder and blue ornament from the bucket.
-Click the top shelf and get the key card.
-Place the ladder in front of the calendar and go up. Get the matches so they fall on the floor. Go down and pick them up.
-Grab the ladder again.
-Go right again and use the key card under the right side picture. Get the glass bottle. Read the note.
-Now your tree should be fully grown. Get the red ornament.
-Go left and fill the bottle with water. Also grab the blue test tube.
-Click the burner on the table and light it with the matches. Place the bottle of water on the stand and move the burner under it.
-Once the water is boiling, add the blue liquid from the tube, and drop in the red ornament. Now take the blue liquid.
-Use the blue liquid on the tree.
-When it’s fully grown, you’ll see a yellow ball roll away. Go right and click it. Get the star ornament.
-Go left and use the ladder on the tree.
You’re out! Happy Holidays, everyone!
Source: EscapeGames24

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