Walkthrough For Cinderella

Here is the walkthrough for Cinderella point and click game:

  • get the candle and the matches off the shelf.
  • get the big hammer next to the box of sand.
  • get the sickle on the wall and the garden hose on the floor.
  • go right…grab fish and pail.
  • go right…grab empty jar on upper right corner and rope on lower left corner.
  • go right…grab saw and hammer in the middle of the desk.
  • On the left middle is a oil can grab that too.
  • Click on the left top drawer to get the nails.
  • Attach the hose to the water wheel to the left of the tank.
  • While your in your inventory use the sickle on the rope and attach the new wick to the candle.
  • Then light the candle with the matches.
  • Now go right..use the pail on the box of sand.
  • Go right…use the jar on the bag of grain.
  • And use the saw on the boards and pipe you know you are doing it right if you are hearing a sawing sound (have to do many times!!)
  • Once the boards are cut you can add the nails and the hammer to them to make the ladder.
  • And when you have sawed the pipe you will get a little pipe in your inventory.
  • Use the big hammer on the lighter colored brick to get a key. (must hit it multiple times)
  • Go Right to the dial…You will have to play with it because it is different every game
  • When the mouse appears give him the jar of grain so he wont bite you.
  • Place the candle next to the dark spot…tada key hole!
  • Insert key and you will hear a grinding noise.
  • Go right there will be a new hole with a handle in it.
  • Click on the handle and oops it broken…that okay put the pipe on there with the oil can.
  • Next put the pail of sand and fish in the tank (make sure it is sand then fish or you will kill fish).
  • Click on the wheel and then try the handle again.
  • You should hear water then the fish will shine and be happy!
  • After that there will be a rope next to the desk click on it to reveal a open hatch on the roof.
  • Put the ladder on the hole…
  • Your out!!

Source: Escape Games 24

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