Walkthrough For Concert

Here is the walkthrough for Concert :

  • Get the orange candle from the shelves.
  • Get the door knob hidden between the two blue books.
  • Go right.
  • Click along the coat rack to find what looks like a feather duster.
  • Click under the door to find number 7.
  • Go right.
  • Open the fridge and get a can of beer. Open the fridge again and get the number 3.
  • Open the cupboard under the sink and get the cat food.
  • Put the cat food in the blue bowl.
  • Get the glass right to the sink.
  • Turn on the tap and then fill the glass. Fill the yellow bowl with water.
  • Click the cat. Open the bottom cupboard and get the yellow pooper-scooper.
  • Put the knob in the second drawer to open it and get the lighter.
  • Select the candle in your inventory. Light the candle with the light. Select now the piece of paper and burn it with the candle to get number 5.
  • Use the feather duster under the fridge to get a piece of paper.
  • Use the pooper-scooper to empty the cat’s litter tray: get the gold key.
  • Go right.
  • Open the curtains and get number 4.
  • Click the red cushion under the PC and get number 2.
  • Look under the red cover on the bed and a purse. Select it in your inventory, click “about items” and click the zip on the top side to get number 8.
  • Get the screwdriver under the bed.
  • Go right.
  • Use the gold key to open the dressing table drawer and get the nail varnish.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the black can on the top shelf: get a silver key.
  • Go right. Turn the light off and got left left.
  • Get the necklace under the dressing table.
  • Go right and turn light on.
  • Go right.
  • Click cat again and use the grey key to open the top drawer.
  • Click on the jigsaw: it will open a new browser window. Solve the jigsaw puzzle and get a password (don’t forget to write it down)!
  • Go right.
  • Turn on the laptop and enter the password (case sensitive) from the jigsaw. Click the bottom icon on the Windows desktop and get a clue (”Standing on the Rainbow”).
  • The Japanese writing is important. It means something like take one away from the numbers.
  • Go right. Arrange the numbers into the order of the rainbow: red=3 (3 is the first number, look at the clock near the door), orange=4, yellow=8, green=7, blue=2, dark blue=3, purple=5). Now take one away from each number and 3487235 becomes 2376124!
  • Click the cash box and enter the code to open it: get your concert ticket and leave the room. Congrats!

Source: Lazy Laces

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