Walkthrough For Concert 3

Here is the walkthrough for Concert 3 :
1. Get the mouse at the right of the bookcase and the paper in the trash.
2. Look at the 3-cat picture on the second shelf. Flip it over to get another paper.
3. Take the box off the second shelf and the diary from the bottom shelf.
4. Look at the thing on the right of the top shelf and click its ear to get the sun tile.
5. Click the red stool and take the paper under the desk.
6. Take the paper at the bottom of the main door.
7. Using the mouse, click the cat next to the hallway, the door handle, and the bottom of the door. Get the orange key.
8. Go in the bathroom. Take the star tile in the slipper and the cloud tile under the plant.
9. Click the toilet paper and take a paper.
10. Take the laser pointer under the computer desk and the paper by the left leg of the bed.
11. Click the cat on the bed, then click the curtains. Take the gold key from where the cat was.
12. Open the curtains and click the curtain rod to get the cotton swab.
13. Go down the hallway and into the kitchen. Take the watering can from the large cabinet under the sink and the screwdriver from the second drawer.
14. Use the screwdriver on the fan to get the flower tile.
15. Use the orange key to open the top drawer. Click the puzzle.
16. In the new link, solve the puzzle and get a 7-digit code (5961824).
17. Get the cat food from the top of the fridge and the water bottle from the bottom of the fridge.
18. Put cat food in the left bowl and water bottle in the right bowl. Click the cat and take the box cutter from the bottom drawer.
19. Leave the kitchen, then come back.
20. Select the cotton swab. Click the cat, the right side of the counter, the left side of the counter, the top-right of the fridge, then the tile on the fridge. The cat will knock down the cat tile, which you can take.

21. Turn on the faucet and use the cat food and watering can on it.
22. Examine the water bottle. Click the cap, then label, then bottle to crush it.
23. Use the water bottle on the lower (yellow) drawer to get battery.
24. Use the cat food on the upper (purple) drawer to get silver key.
25. Examine the diary. Use the gold key to open it. Read the diary and get the paper on the last page.
26. Now you can solve the paper puzzle.
27. Use the silver key to open the desk with the mirror and get the moon tile.
28. Use the box cutter on the red stool to get the rain tile.
29. Examine the laser pointer. Click the far side to turn it over. Put the battery in the laser pointer and click it. The red light should turn on.
30. Use the laser pointer on the corkboard and click the blue paper. The cat will pull it down and you can take it.
31. Turn over the blue paper. The colors are of the thumbtacks on the corkboard. Look at the papers attached to their respective thumbtacks and you get the computer password (5F25CDL24).
32. Use the password to turn on the computer. You can select the two bottom icons.
33. Water the plant by the front door with the watering can.
34. Use the 7-digit code from #16 to open the locked box on the third shelf and get tree tile.
35. Examine the box in your inventory. Put the tiles on in the order moon, sun, star, tree, rain, cloud, flower, cat. Open the box and take the ticket.
36. Turn off the lights and go to the bed. Notice the glowing pink spot.
37. With the lights off, push near the nose of the cat statue by the door. (Just above and to the right of the nose.) Turn the lights on and take the tail.
38. Use the tail to get the colorful keys under the right side of the bed.
39. Use the colorful keys to open the front door.
Source: Lazy Laces

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