Walkthrough For Concert2

Here is the walkthrough for Concert 2 :
1. Take the paintbrush from the red can
2. Look into the red bin, and take the purple paint
3. Wake up the cat, and then click on the pin. It will fall to the floor. Take it
4. Click on the black part of the cat on the third shelf a couple of times till it breaks. take the key.
5. Take the slanted pink book. It is the diary.
6. Turn Right, and click on the lower left part of the black dog statue. Take the yellow paint
7. Click the pocket of the shirt hung up. Take the orange paint
8. Click the upper right corner of the bag. Take the key
9. Turn Right, open the fridge and take the can.
10. Back up, and click the bottom part of the fridge. Take the vegetable.
11. Back up, and take the cup with the black design on it.
12. Open the cupboard underneath the sink and take the brush/pan
13. Turn on the tap, and fill the cup with water
14. Put the water into the right bowl, and put the vegetable into the left bowl. Click the cat
15. Open drawer, take the drawer knob

16. Examine the can. Click the top part of it, and click it again to crush it. Place it into the pink drawer. Take the screwdriver.
17. Turn Right, open the blinds and take the picture
18. click on the bed and take the key
19. Turn Right, use the golden key to open the drawer at the mirror. Take the red dye
20. Use the screwdriver to open the black can on the second shelf. take the blue paint
21. Turn Right twice, and use the silver key to open the top drawer. Do the puzzle to receive the computer code: 720CHE38
22. Turn right, click on the cat underneath the computer. Then click underneath the bed near the left side. Take the stick from the cat's mouth
23. Turn left, click between the sink and the fridge near the floor.
Use the stick to take the green paint
24. Turn right twice, and enter the code 9641898 (Taken from the diary if you use the pink key to open it) into the red safe box. Take the concert tickets
25. Turn Right twice, use the brush/pan to clean out the litter box. take the screw
26. Examine the drawer knob, and attach the screw.
27. Use the drawer knob to open the second drawer. Take the light blue paint
28. Examine the picture. Paint the first flower (from the left) red (using the red dye), the second orange, the third yellow, the fourth green, the fifth light blue, the sixth dark blue, the seventh purple. Click the cat's tag on its collar.
29. Turn of the lights. Turn right twice to the computer. Take the colored keys under the desk
30. Turn around to the door and use the keys to get out!
Source: Lazy Laces

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