Walkthrough For Coorp2

Here is the walkthrough for Coorp 2 :

  • Click number two on the lift
  • Go into the room on the left
  • Read the yellow plaque on the statue and the paper on the desk
  • Put the sunglasses on the statues head - You'll get a gold key
  • Go back to the lift and go to floor 1
  • Open the box with the key from the statue - You'll get a grenade, and a gas mask
  • Go back to the lift and go back to floor 2
  • Face the door on the right
  • Put the gas mask on and click the grenade to throw it through the window
  • Enter the room
  • Click the panel on the wall
  • Click the green symbol which was on the letter you read earlier
  • Click the door and quickly click the gun to shoot the first guard
  • Take the key card which is on the barrel on the left - Take note of the numbers on the other barrels
  • Go back to the hallway, click the gun again to shoot the second guard
  • Click the key card - the door will open
  • Click the gun to shoot the guard
  • Click the panel by the door and enter the numbers from the barrels
  • After going through the door click the computer screen and do the multiple question quiz
  • When this is done, take the spray
  • Go back to the first floor and use the spray on the blood covered panel
  • Click the newly visible button to progress to the 10th floor

Source: Lazy Laces

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