Walkthrough For Cop Baby

Here is the walkthrough for Cop Baby :
First click on the kitchen a couple times and it will make random sounds of a kitchen. Then you will hear a knock at the door. Click on the door to open it and point down so you look at a baby. Click the baby and there'll be a note. Click that. Then click again after you've read it. Go to the kitchen and click on the fridge. Grab the bottle by clicking it and then feed it to the baby. This will make the baby cry more, but it'll empty the bottle. Grab the empty bottle out of the fridge again and place it next to the coffee pot. Grab the coffee pot and drag it over the bottle to fill it. Pick up the coffee-filled bottle and give it to the baby. It will drink it and laugh, but then start crying again. Go to the cupboard in the kitchen and click it and you'll see a bowl. Place it next to the coffee pot. Then click on the fridge and grab a donut by clicking the donut box.
Then put the donut in the blender and then pour the donut-mix into the bowl. Give that to the baby. This will make the baby grow up. Then someone will throw a note through the window. Then someone will knock on the door again. They will leave a box and it will have another baby in it. Put this baby will the cop baby. And then someone knock the door again and leave ANOTHER box and this will have ANOTHER baby. Put this baby in the play pen with the others. Then a toy will be on the ground on the left of the play pen and put that also in the others. The two box baby will fight over it and the cop baby will freak out. Then wait for them to increase their fighting and pick the cop baby up and place him/her in the fight. The cop baby will break up the fight. Then someone will knock on the door and leave a badge. Give the badge to the baby. It will become a certified Cop Baby! The End. But there is a little left but its not part of the story.
Source: Lazy Laces

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