Walkthrough For Crawfish Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Crawfish Room Escape point and click game:
Click on the bin, there lies the first crawfish, zoom out and click on the slippers. Behind them there's the magnifying glass.
Go left. Click on the white night table. On it you can find the pliers and on it's left side the second crawfish. Zoom out and get the hanger above the mirror. Go left.
On the sofa you can find the third crawfish. Click on the plant to find the fourth one. Zoom out and click on the center of the cabinet to find a note. Now, highlight the note then the magnifying glass. Three colored squares should come out. Red yellow and blue.
Go left, under the left cushion you can find the last crawfish. Get the TV antenna then click on the TV screen. Numbers! and some of them are missing! Ok, surely they are 9,6, and 3. To solve this you have to sum the numbers. Every column must have a sum of fifteen. these three numbers correspond to the three colors. Once you get the code go left or right twice. Click on the computer and enter the code. The computer will say ok.
Now in order to get the key you must combine your items starting with the pliers and the hanger. Now you have a hook, combine it with the antenna. A longer hook! Zoom out from the computer. Highlight the magical longer hook and click on the left side of the yellow closet. Key! Now you can go to the door and use your key!
Source: Escape Games 24

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