Walkthrough For Crimson Planet

Here is the walkthrough for Crimson Planet:
Click on tower. Numbers on left correspond with colours from tower so on the right hand panel make 1 purple (by clicking on it a few times), 2 bluey green (1st click), 3 red, 4 green, 5 yellow and 6 blue. Click on door.
Next pattern on the floor tells you the order to click the buttons. On the left hand panel I thought of the columns as A,B,C and the rows 1,2,3 (top to bottom) Click A1, B2, A3, C1, B3, A2, B2, B1, C3. You know it's right as the red light comes on. On the right hand panel make Red, Orange, Blue, Orange by clicking each one again. Puch green button. Push down lever and go through door.
On left hand panel you have to make the order of the animal sounds. 1st monkey (4 clicks), 2nd bug eyes (2 clicks) 3rd newt (5 clicks) 4th Anenome (1 click) 5th Grey blob (3 clicks) Then click black button below TV. Click on TV screen.
Final room, left hand panel is light game. As before columns are A-D and rows 1-4 click A1, B3, A4, A4, B4, C4, C3 and finally D1. Push down lever then quickly press button whilst it's blue. Click on red planet.
Click on blue thing at end of path twice. In the grid the missing numbers are (diagonally) 4,8,3
You're HOME!!!!!

Source: EscapeGames24

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