Walkthrough For Cupid Of The Mouse

Here is the walkthrough for Cupid Of The Mouse point and click game:
-Get the watering pot.
-Go right. Click the bird in the bushes to make it fly away. Get the ring.
-Click the "Grand Prix" sign and click the "D" to get the bow.
-Go right and get the cheese. Get the candy from the sun.
-Click the sun so he starts blowing then click the coconut(?) in the palm tree so it falls and the island/whale rises.
-Click him to make him blow, then click his tail so the mouse gets thrown far.
-Use the watering can on the tree and get the bananas.
-Go left and give the bananas to the sun. Click him twice so he spits out the banana peel.
-Use the banana peel on the car so the mouse runs away.
-Go left and give the candy to the sun.
-Take the broken arrow from the top of the wind vane.
-Both mice should be sitting under the umbrella.
-Use the cheese on the left mouse and the ring on the right mouse.
-Click the 2 fragments of a broken heart.
-View the bow in your inventory and use each fragment on the bow until you get a complete arrow.
-Use the arrow on each mouse and you'll see a heart pop up.
-Click the heart and you'll see gold doors in the clouds. You're out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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