Walkthrough For D's Room 1

Here is the walkthrough for D's Room 1:

1. Move the ball note down the right colour and the number. click right again and click on the flower pot note the colour and number and the first draw under the flowers should have a coloured number, click right, click on the pillow on the bed and do the same again. should be yellow 1, white 5, blue 0 and green 2. click the red bad on the bookshelf and put the numbers in the order of the colours shown. should be white,blue,green,yellow (5021, click the black dot and get the bread bun.
2.get the 1st orange book and the bookshelf.
3.click on the top right draw in the desk and you should see a blue object in the top right corner of the screen.should be a bin. click it and get the slice of bread under the paper.
4.click on the second green pillow on the sofa and get the key, use the key on the top left draw of the desk to get the sausages.
5.click on the cupboard with the flowers and get the strawberry from the bottom.
6. click the bottom right hand side of the shelfs were the ball is. dnt click the ball but right next to it)to get the bat
7.go to the bed and click underneath the side of the bed. to get the screwdriver. to reach it use the bat.
8. go back to the flower draws and use the screwdriver on the second draw to get the eggs.
9.now go to the box above the ball and type in PLAY and click on "input pass" and get the plate.
10.click on the fish tank and feed the things inside the slice of bread. and get the candle.
11. go to the window and open it with the candle.
12.put the plate on the circle things and put the rest of the food the way it is on the picture with the hamster thing on.
13. leave the window and then open it again, there should be a hamster next to the plate.
14. click the hamster and it will give you a red key. get the key and leave the room.

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