Walkthrough For D's Room 2

Here is the walkthrough for D's Room 2:

1) look under red party hat get star piece
2)Go right click on second reindeer head get cat paw on fire place
3) go right click carpet get newspaper
4)Go right 2 times click cabinet at bottom and get poker from behind it
5)Take middle candle of candle holding thingy mabobber
6)Get other star piece from bear on chair
7) go to fireplace put newspaper on it light with candle and move with poker. Get key
8) use key to open cabinet
9) go to Christmas tree get top point on star
10) take present you got from cabinet and place in basket under picture of cat
11) Go right once and click on doll, second shelf down, and note the name!
12) Go left twice enter dolls name into safe. Collect pen.
13) Go left twice and use cats arm on bottom right corner of board. Get card.
14) Use red pen on card.
15) Go right once and collect 4th piece of star from top right bunch of flowers.
16) Click on deer and note nose colours number of stars on each sock.
17) Assuming the colour is the number of stars on correlating sock make each row add to 34. Note the numbers from each row top to bottom.
18) Go left once and imput numbers in santa safe. Collect last piece of star and scissors.
19) Go left once and put star on door.
20) Use card on handle and you're out! you don't appear to need the scissors!

Source: EscapeGames24

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