Walkthrough For Darkness Episode 3

Here is the walkthrough for Darkness Episode 3 point and click game:
You might die a couple of times during this game. No problem since you can always resume where you left off. Also get used to the "space bar hitting", if you are too slow, try again immediately.

- wait a bit until your wagon is in a tunnel
- from first screen, go left and pick up round metal thing by the pole
- go forward, click on bag and get candle
- turn around to other seat
- get paper and gum from underneath the seat
- go back to first screen, now you should be able to pick up matches from underneath the seats there

- click up to zoom in on subway map
- click on subway map and you get a mirror
- click on vent to open it
- put mirror in vent
- light candle with matches and hold lit candle into vent
- this should give you another round metal thing
- plug both round metal things into the box inside the bag
- turn around again and look at paper
- use lit candle right below the writings and read off code

- use code on box, to open it click edge of box
- combine mirror and gum and stick that onto box
- watch cut scene until it’s dark
- after that, pick up quickly, the tied bag, the cola, and the beng comb
- use comb on tied bag, you get mentos
- combine mentos and cola
- then wave cola bottle to fend off darkness

- another cut scene
- the following has to be done very quickly: go all the way to the right and pick up key; then run all the way to the left as fast as possible and do the space bar routine when needed
- go back to box and use key on box
- turn it a couple of times
- two endings after that: either you make it really fast to get out of the subway to get ending #1, or you can’t make it fast enough, sit down and think it over to get ending #2
Source: Nordinho

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