Walkthrough For Dassyutu 15

Here is the walkthrough for Dassyutu 15:

Floater in bin
White cap right side of table
Black tube in vase and red 3
Left side of bridge blue 6 & right side of bridge a yellow stick
Examine black tube until a hole appears, add stick.
Hammer sides of bridge and across bridge. Then click bookcase to get across
White 2 next to bookshelf
Tweezers under coffee table and green 1 (two different views)
Note the weird diagram on wall..it is the blue square in the wall
Go right and find yellow 9 on right side of bridge
Open up cabinet 36219 & get stick
Using stick get key from back of bookshelf
Use key to open other cabinet and get string.
Go back to bridge where you found the #9
Examine stick until a split appears in the end and click the water to get a hook
Examine hook and add string
Examine stick and add string and yellow floater
Go to blue square in wall and fish for bottle
Put cap on bottle and throw back in the water (blue square)
Cross bridge and go to where the grid is across the stream and get bottle.
Remove lid and turn upside down. Use tweezers to get diagram
Remove floater from fishing line and fish for the boot
Empty boot and get key.
Then use the key in the door. You may exit or go back to blue square and throw in the hammer and get another ending….

Source: Gamesuy

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