Walkthrough For Dassyutu 16

Here is the walkthrough for Dassyutu 16 point and click game:

  • get box of tissues
  • get tape from behind tv table
  • get bottle from fridge
  • get note from the right side in the cupboard under sink
  • get chopsticks from behind plant
  • zoom in on the top right of the window and use tissues on this to reveal code 487291
  • use code on red box and get key
  • use key to open door opposite tv and take razor blade
  • combine chopsticks, razor blade and tape to make knife
  • use knife on hanging doll to get code (upside down) 12928
  • enter code in green box to get videotape
  • use piece of tape on the little hole on the videotape and put it in the videorecorder
  • take it out again and turn over tape to reveal code 63942
  • enter code in yellow box to get key
  • open grey door on the right with the key
  • throw the bottle in the bathtub where you see the blinking star
  • take white key and use it on the cupboard under the sink to get white box
  • use the code from the note (53261) to open the box and get gloves
  • put the gloves in the washing machine and wash them
  • take the gloves out again and use them to get the block of ice from the fridge
  • throw the block of ice in the bathtub to get another key
  • use key on cupboard below the faucet in the bathroom to get pink box
  • right click onto the bathroom faucet and zoom to reveal code 19573
  • use this code on the pink box to get the final key
  • use this key on the door and you're out

Source: EscapeGames24

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