Walkthrough For Dassyutu 6

Here is the walkthrough for Dassyutu 6:

Enter 6473 in door panel (see previous posts for reason.

up stairs into new room

get glasses from under left end of bed and bat from under right end.

play number game on panel over bed to get rope (just enter 3 digit number it will tell you if it's too small or big)

Get bucket, look at bucket and get toilet paper from inside and pencil from bottom. then combine bucket and rope.

Click on floor in front of sword to find hole (this is the first ending if you want it) otherwise put bucket in hole and get extinguisher.

place extinguisher under red sign by door, yellow cupboard appears by sword.

Get pumkin from behind bookcase, left side at bottom

Use bat on bookcase right side near bottom, to open secret door

Use objects on paintings in order 1-5

pencil on apple
glasses on woman
light bulb on man
bat on ball and toilet paper on hand

get knife from 6th painting

go back to bookcase and open book
use knife on top left hand side of last page…get key

use key on yellow cupboard and get red thing with spike on it.

go to very first room and put red thing in hole at top on south wall.
get lighter from box on north side.

go to painting room and give lighter to guard, (another exit) and get sword

put sword in rack and click on yellow sign…press space bar to get bean

put bean in same hole on south wall and exit through yellow door

start again and get apple from tree that is now in first room and use it on door behind tree…THE END!

Source: EscapeGames24

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