Walkthrough For Dassyutu 7

Here is the walkthrough for Dassyutu 7:

1- break the pot and take the thing with the disk shape

2- put the disk on the desk

3- open the door under the desk

4- take the bottle of water

5- use the machine, click several times, and lose weight

6- click on the hall and take the shovel

7- click on the safe on the wall, the password is in the poster, you should read it in roman letters
the password is “KHO” and take the seed

8- click on the flower pot and dig with the shovel. Put the seed inside, put some dirt and put the water of the bottle on it

9- Then get away and some flowers will appear, so you will see a door on the right

10- DONE !!

Source: Lazy Laces

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