Walkthrough For Date Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Date Escape point and click game:

  • The Desk:Click on the desk. Get glasses on desk. Below desk on right, get present. Go back.
  • The TV: Get key on chair. Click on table. Get watch on table. Click shelves right of TV and get pink magazine on lowest shelf. Click TV and open drawer under it. Get wallet. Click on shelves left of TV. Take camera left of safe. Click on safe and enter password: 4375. Get bundle of money.
  • The Bed:WARNING: Don’t click on cat or he’ll give you a BIG meow! Click night-stand. Take phone on it. Open drawer under it and take action figure and breath spray. Go right. Take scarf on coathanger. Open right part of closet. Get coat on right and suitcase.
  • The Bed: Open the door!

Source: Free Games News

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