Walkthrough For DIY Escape

Here is the walkthrough for DIY Escape point and click game:

  • Get the magnet from the broken thing behind the metal pole
  • Get the sponge, behind the can of red paint
  • Behind the wooden plank against the closet/bookcase there are 2 things, a match on the floor next to the closet, and at the top inside the closet a hammer.
  • And a screwdriver between the two planks on the wall (of wich one is tilted)
  • Now go to the desk-lamp, click on the lamp part until you see the light bulb itself. Remove the cover with the screwdriver and break it with the hammer. Now light the match.
  • Put th burning match in the fire detector, a fire hose appears!
  • Click the hose, use magnet with sponge, put sponge in metal thing with the key, let the water flow, Key!
  • open the door
  • done!

Source: Free Games News

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