Walkthrough For Dog Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Dog Room Escape point and click game:
1 Click the wall left of table pick up chocolates
2 turn right, pick up chocolates and dog cookies from plate on the table
3 turn right, pick up chocolates from dog, zoom copying machine, take paper,and chocolates behind machine, zoom out, zoom in the fire extinguisher take glue, click extinguisher and take slide
4 turn right, zoom plate on floor and put dog cookies in it, zoom out take shears,use glue on blank paper and put it on dog picture
5 turn 2 screens left, click on wall above right corner of screen, select shears and take second slide
6 turn left turn lights off, turn right and turn the stove on, the final slide will appear on window, take it
7 turn left and turn lights on, turn once more left, click on projector, pick up chocolates, put all slides on projector and look at the wall
8 notice 9:12, turn right, zoom clock, and keep clicking yellow button until u get 9:12 on clock, then push red button, u will get a pass card, use it under light switch, open door and you are out
Source: Escape Games 24

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