Walkthrough For Dream Electricity Piano

Here is the walkthrough for Dream Electricity Piano :
1. Turn on the Light, It is on one of the hand holds
2. Pickup the Screwdriver
3. Use it on one of the grills and get the Flashlight
4. Turn off the lights again and use the Flashlight to find a chest, get the Key
5. Goto the edge of the seats near the non chained door and look for an umbrella on one side, then look up for a sheet with color codes, the code being green, orange, red, blue or 3146, this is gotten from the horses in one of the windows.
6. Use the code for the chained door and when the ticket comes out click the small button on the side to get it.
7. Turn around from the chained door and click the left pull and get the fuse.
8. Go to the middle and turn around and click on one of the seats and add the fuse.
9. Go back to the chained door then click the object on the right wall.
10. Add the blue ticket to the plate and when it turns add the key to the slot that opens, turn the key, you are done with this version
Source: Lazy Laces

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