Walkthrough For Eki 3

Here is the walkthrough for Eki 3:
Go into the side room.
It is the one with the cardboard box.
Click around the center until you uncover the red tagged key. If you can't see where to click look for RED.
Now click on the bottom right. One of the tags has a code on it. (931)
This is the door code, but don't use it yet.
Click the gray box on the right.
Click again to open the panel.
Click the left button to turn it red.
Click below to see safe.
Click on lock to open safe.
Click on blue tagged key.
Click back to same box.
Open panel again.
Click button again to make light green.
Go back to main room. Go to the right until you see a sink with a black bar on it.
Click the black bar to get it.
Click door on sink.
Click whistle to get it.
Go to the right till you see the security monitors.
Click just to the left of the security monitors.
You should see a red flag on the floor.
Click to get it.
Now go to the door. Not the sliding one, but the one with the code box.
Click on the security box.
Click the buttons to enter the code (931).
Click the bar below the code to enter it.
You will see two red letters if you did it right.
Now click back and click on the door to open it.
Click on the arrow.

Source: EscapeGames24

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