Walkthrough For End Of Year Escape

Here is the walkthrough for End Of Year Escape :
1.If u see skis,there have a box in left.There have something in black.Take it.

2.Go to TV and u will see something.take this(With the black thing).

3.Check under TV.U will see a key.Take it.

4.Go to book shelf (Where have book)And get scissors(Bottom,Left,Corner)

5.Go where u see skis.Click on the red trash.There have a gift.Take it.

6.Open gift with scissors.U will see cake.(Click scissors after gift)

7.Take key with treasure(where have door)U will have a hammer.

8.Take hammer and broke vase.Check under tree(In left of branch of trees)And there have a fork.Take it

9.Click on fork after click on cake.There will have a key in the plate.

10.Take the key and put in door
Source: EscapeGames24

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