Walkthrough For Entering Town The Arrival Of A Villain

Here is the walkthrough for Entering Town The Arrival Of A Villain point and click game:
1. Go down and out of the city and turn left to get a bucket from the barn. (Never mind the farmer and cat.)
2. Go back and continue past town gate. When get to a crossroad, go right and enter cave. Talk to the little guy and get gold.
3. Go back to crossroad and go down. Pick up the blue flower.
4. Go back to town and talk to the grave digger. (Forward and right from start screen.)
5. Go back to start screen, then left and talk to hero and then talk to the gardener. (Garden just up from hero.)
6. Get the shovel and go back to where you got the blue flower. Continue down so long that you reach the tree with a red "eye".
7. Get the shovel and dig the weird area in front of the tree. Get the book and bones. (Just click around the skeleton.)
8. Look at the book, and see what you are missing still.
9. Go back up and hit the bird with the shovel, get the feather.
10. Go back to the gardener and hit him with the shovel.
11. Once in jail, pick up a piece of paper and get out from the window.
12. Go to the hero and give him the paper, you get an autograph.
13. Go back to where the farmer is and get the hair from the ground.
14. Go back to where you got the gold, go next to bird and make the spell.
15. Go back to the tree and go through to the Dragon's cave. Use your animal to talk to Dragon.
16. Get the dagger from back of cave (don't get it before talking to dragon!), and talk to dragon again.
16. Go back to farmer and get arrested again. Get a new sheet of paper and get out.
17. Go to the castle. Go left and find the crack on the wall.
18. Send your animal to the other side. After it gets back, go to the castle again.
19. Use the dagger to princess and once in the cave, talk to dragon.
20. Use the sheet of paper to princess, then dagger and then paper again. When the hero gets in, threaten princess with dagger and dragon will burn him alive.
Source: Escape Games 24

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