Walkthrough For Entrance Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Entrance Escape :
1. get the pincers at lower left side.

2. get the cutter lower right side.

3. get the green gem at the window.

4. use the cutter on the present box,
and you'll have the hammer.

5. use hammer on the fireplace
(the second part from the top),
and you'll have the blue gem.

6. use cutter on the Christmas wreath,
and it would be detached.

7. use cutter on the detached wreath again,
and get the red gem.

8. use the pincers at the bell on the door,
and it would be detached.

9. ring the bell, and you can get the yellow gem.

10. touch the Christmas tree, and it will tell
the order of the gem with colors.

11. put the gems on the door
according to the orders.

12. use wreath on the bear,
and you can get the silver santa.

13. open the door and you are out!


- if you use hammer on the window,
you can come out, but it is a bad end.

- if you do not get silver santa,
you can come out, but it is a regretable end.

- you need to get the yellow gem the last,
as it says "you give the bell several rings".

- you can get the silver Santa only after
you touch the Christmas tree, as it says
" … and electric spectaculars blinked".

Source: EscapeGames24

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