Walkthrough For Escape Brother's Room

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Brother's Room point and click game:
1. Click doorknob to get magnifying glass.
2. Turn left, zoom in on bottom right of window - get knife.
3. Go back, use knife on pillow - get key
4. Go left - get duct tape from shelf.
5. Go left - get screwdriver from long drawer.
6. Use to key to open top drawer - get CD.
7. Go left, and use duct tape to remove poster.
8. Use screwdriver to open wall - get hammer.
9. Use magnifying glass to read small letters in wall - note numbers.
10. Go back, then right twice, and use hammer on shelf divider - get stick.
11. Click on left side of shelf near floor - use stick to get coin.
12. Go back, turn left, and click eggplant a few times to move from stool.
13. Click stool, and use coin to reveal code PCPASS (713193).
14. Go back, then right, insert CD into vertical slot.
15. Press power button above CD slot, and click computer screen. click yes.
16. Enter 713193 and click green button.
17. Enter password: 1624 (16 hours and 24 minutes from "984" minutes).
18. Go left - take key from box on desk.
19. Go left - use key where doorknob was.
20. Click opening, and you're out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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