Walkthrough For Escape Ecru Room

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Ecru Room point and click game:
-Screen with the tables, clear off the rightmost table (salt and peppershaker, napkin holder and tablecloth), click the big flowerpot behind it and take the KNIFE under it (have to click quickly). You can put all the stuff back as you don’t need it (except a SALTSHAKER)

-Screen with the door, use the knife on the sign over the door and pick it up (TABLET)

-Screen with the sink/oven, open the right sink cupboard and take the SCRUBBER (it slightly peeks out behind the bucket)

-Double click the TABLET and use the SCRUBBER on it, you get the COOKIE SHEET. Afterwards you can put the SCRUBBER back, you don’t need it anymore

-Open the oven and put the COOKIE SHEET inside

-click the left side of the oven and pick up the HAMMER (you may need to try to turn on the oven before you can get it, I’m not sure about that)

-Customer list: under the left sink cupboard behind the rolls of paper (it slightly peeks over the right of the rolls). The list seems to be random so you need to compare the details on the list with the people waiting outside, if they match then make the pizza on the list and keep the special wishes in mind. Should they don’t match open the small hatch on the door and use the knife on them and they’ll leave.

MAKING PIZZA DOUGH: (you need to do this a few times)
-Screen with the tables, pick a SALTSHAKER (any will do, best keep the one from before)

-Screen with the cupboards, open the upper cupboards, take the MUG, BIG SPOON and GLASS (left), GLASS SAUCEPAN, KETCHUP and BOTTLE

-lower cupboards, use the knife to cut the flour bag (left) (you only need to do this once) and fill the MUG, use the GLASS on the bowl with yeast (right) and pick a EGG (check the EGG by double clicking it and click on the enlarged egg, if it spins long you can’t use it so put it back, if it spins just a little keep it)

-open the left closet and take the ROLLING PIN

-turn left to the sink/oven screen, click the water tap, select the bottle and fill it with water.

-double click the SAUCEPAN, select the BOTTLE (water), SALTSHAKER (salt), MUG (flour), GLASS (yeast) and finally the egg then use the big spoon and stir. The mix then needs a while to rise (just turn around a few times)

-When the dough is over the edge of the SAUCEPAN click it. Double click the DOUGH, select the HAND symbol and click it till it doesn’t shape anymore. Still in that screen select the ROLLING PIN, use it on the dough two times and finally select the ketchup and squirt it on the flat dough, you now have the base for all pizzas. Now you can put everything you still have back in the cupboards you have space for the toppings.

MAKING PIZZAS: (This next part seems to be random in every game so here’s where you can find the stuff you need)

TOPPINGS: (NOTE: All toppings except red peppers and shrimps need to be sliced)
-GREEN BELL PEPPER: Basket on the small rolling table
-CELERY: Behind the green peppers (slightly lighter green)
-CHEESE: On the lower cupboard, needs the knife to cut of a slice
-TOMATOES: right cupboard
-RED PEPPERS: behind the tomatoes (top-left of them)

SHRIMPS: (left and right closet, you can identify them by the color on the boxes)
-NORWEGIAN: Red – blue stripe
-INDONESIAN: Red – white strip
-BANGLADSHI: Green – red strip
-NIGERIAN: Green – white stripe
-GUATEMALAN: Blue – white stripe

-Simply pick the toppings you need and put the on the pizza

-Put the pizza in the oven, close the door an hit the side with the HAMMER. When the oven beeps your pizza is done.

-Take the oven mittens off the wall, open the oven and pick up the pizza

-Hand it out through the door hatch and pick up the red sticker the give you (NOTE: if you accidentally made the wrong pizza [they say “NO” and wont take it] put it in the chute next to the oven)

-put the sticker on the picture with the red fields right of the closet

The amount of actual customers varies so don’t panic if you don’t fill all fields.

Now here’s the annoying part:
-click the rolling table so it rolls forward. Click left of the cupboard, there’s a row of metal pins on the floor, they all need to be lowered so try around till they’re all down.

-close the doors of the lower cupboard and in the upper right cupboard click the red button (behind the SAUCEPAN). The lower cupboard will slide left and reveal the safe.

-To get the code look on the right side of the lower cupboard, there’s a sheet of paper with four letters (these are random too). Look on the stickers on the wall and compare the letters with the customer names and simply add up the long numbers. Enter the number you get in the safe

-Now you only need the key (the location is random), best empty your inventory as far as you can. Turn to the tables, clear one off and pick it up. Now click the legs on the lower end, it has to turn at least 3 times. If the leg pops off click the top and take the key from it, you can now put the table back down.

-Use the key on the safe and take all the money inside (the alarm will go off) and the cross like object inside. Use the object on the little hole in front of the closet, it will break.

-Turn to the sink and take the forks (I’m not sure which you need, just try both)

-Turn to the door and use the knife on the policeman outside, it’ll drop. Now use the FORK on him, he’ll do a little jump if you’re doing it right. While he jumps his stick will be visible, quickly grab it.

-Turn back to the cupboards and use the stick on the hole to reveal a secret passage

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