Walkthrough For Escape From A Railway Room

Here is the walkthrough for Escape From A Railway Room point and click game:
1) Yellow key under trash bin.
2) Pull down shade to get paper. Wet paper in sink to get code for RED BOX.
3) Plug star in to get PC code. (Extension code is under tree. This code will unlock the exit door later.
4) Grab flashlight out of stocking.
5) Use yellow key to open locked door.
6) Grab battery on the floor.
7) Put battery in flashlight, and then grab red key on the right.
8) Open locker with red key.
9) Use code from the paper (it's the number from the cat poster) to unlock the RED BOX.
10) Grab memory card.
11) Click bottom of box again, grab memory card with HEART.
12) Plug both memory cards into the computer.
13) White memory card unlocks door…you can leave then for NORMAL ending.


14) For GOOD ending, click the red card, get code for the safe inside the dark closet room (that you unlocked with the yellow key.)
15) Use safe from red memory card on safe, grab rare sake.
16) Exit door.
Source: EscapeGames24

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