Walkthrough For Escape From Debt

Here is the walkthrough for Escape From Debt point and click game:
1.Take the green shape.
2.Turn and youll see a camera.Keep clicking it and a card will fall out.
3.While you get the card look in the bin and theres a orange shape.
4.Put the card in the slot on the counter.
5.On the calculator put in 27x302.
6.Turn once and get the other two shapes.
7.Put the three shapes with edges and put them in the red box.
8.Turn twice and you'll see what looks like a clock.Put the circular shape in there.
9. after putting the yellow/golden circular shape on the birdhouse/house shape thing, click on the right side it tells you 1149+2973.
10. input that onto the calculator, it tells you to open more.
11. go to where you found the circular shape thing and i think the blue shape too and get a stack of coins i think.
12.The door opens and your out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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