Walkthrough For Escape From The Gallery

Here is the walkthrough for Escape From The Gallery point and click game:
1). Go right twice. Click the mound of fish. Using your mouse to *push* the fish aside you will find a projector lens . It is located to the bottom right-ish of the pile so concentrate on that area.

2). Go back. Click bunny rabbit. Click the statue a few times till it moves aside. Get dentist pick. Click statue again once moved and click its tail. Get light bulb.

3). Go right. Click bench. About in the middle of the bench on the black framework click to lift up mattress. Get remote.

4). Go back and click the pictures on the wall. click the obvious dangling cord to plug in To the top right corner of the middle picture is a solid yellow circle. Place light bulb there. Between the yellow circle you just put the bulb in and the one directly below it is a marker. Get marker.

5). Go back. Click brown door to the right. On the top right area of the door is a fairly large hole. Click the hole. (Looks like some nude sunbather?….right) Anyhow. The person is holding up a candle. Click the flame area a few times to move it. Get glass cutter.

6). Go back and click what looks like some glasses sitting on shelf (center screen). Get Spigot handle.

7). Go back again but go left to the TV's. Use remove on top right TV that is on the right side of shelf. Get box cutter. Go back

8). Go left once. Click broken wall area behind shark cage. Place Projector lens on projector. Turn off lights. Turn off light switch. Click beam of light and get code to the Brillo (4968) Go back to shark room.

9). Put code in Brillo box. Go left.

10). USe box cuter on box (it must be that uber cardboard you cant just rip open bare handed.) Get hose. Go right.

11). Zoom in on the black thing on bottom left of sharks cage. Put Spigot handle and hose on it. Zoom out and click the spigot handle. Shark tank drains.

12). Go right and zoom back in on TV's This time use dentish pick on bottom left area and open the closed cabinet. Get Beer bong. Hah not really its a suction cup. Go back to shark tank

13). Click area of glass the shark is facing. Use glass cutter. Use the beer bo… er suction cup on cut area. Get key. Go back to starting area (place with the uber cardboard box)

14). Click right section of wall. Use marker. If your not sure where just drag it around in circles till you get a door. Use key on door.
Source: Escape Games 24

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