Walkthrough For Escape From The Public Bathhouse

Here is the walkthrough for Escape From The Public Bathhouse point and click game:
1. from 1st screen go right 3 clicks
2. click on third tub down on left, read message
3. click on sweating bath door
enter, and click on tub on right
click on 4th and 12th planks on back wall
4. go right 1 click
5. click 2nd green stool
6. click bottom left of each mirror and note numbers for code
7. go right one click and get shower head that is on counter
8. click on shower head several times and get an exposed wire
click lower right end of wire to put a hook in it
9. go left two clicks to sweatbath and enter
10. click on twinkling star at lower right of screen
11. highlight hook and get key
12. exit sweatbath and go left 1 click
13. put key in bath and answer question… truthfully!
14. get gold key
15. go right 1 clicks and click on the floor next to the stacked tubs to get keypad
16. enter code: 4126 (from phone numbers on mirrors)
*must have gold key highlighted when clicking on keyhole
17. take yellow knob
18. back up and go right twice
19. click twice on empty knob holder above red and blue ones and put yellow knob on
20. click yellow knob until the red words above disappear, and you'll have the knob point beyond H. turn water on with red knob.
21. back up and go right 2 times
22. put wood planks from steambath over water (left of the wood that already over the water)
23. put green stool on planks
24. put yellow tub on green stool
25. click on window and get welsh onion
26. back up and go left 2 times
27. put welsh onion under boiling shower until it turns into a crowbar (what the hell is this logic???)
28. click left 3 times
29. click lower right side of exit door
30. use crowbar to open door
31. You are out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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