Walkthrough For Escape From Trials Of Heaven

Here is the walkthrough for Escape From Trials Of Heaven point and click game:
1) Pick up dull yellow tile by the door.
2) Pick up Red tile on top left corner of newspaper.
3) Turn right; pick up "cup";
4) Select the "cup" & view in "About item"; click on somewhere bottom right coner of the cup & pick up blue stick.
5) Turn right: Pick up white tile by the picture.
6) Turn right; pick up note beside sofa & black pen by the window.
7) Click on bottom edge of sofa to go under the sofa; pick up string from right most coner.
8) Zoom back; turn right; turn right again;
9) pick up white pen on the green tray beside the club; click bottom right corner of basket to drop it; click somewhere at the bottom of the basket to turn it over; get red pen.
10) pick couple of time on the left bottom cabinet door to open it (takes some pixel hunting); get green towel.
11) Turn right; turn right; turn right again till u see the sofa with picture frame; click somewhere top right corner of the wall to see the ceiling.
12) Select green towel & click on ceiling light to get bulk; also get the white paper with strange writing on the left wall.
13) Select the white paper & view it; click on the right pointy corner of the paper to open it, get red marble.
14) select string & view it; select red ball & click about 1 inche in the inner string to attach it.
15) Go down, turn right, turn right again to see the 2 blind.
16) select the string/marble; click on the centre of the left most panel, between the top bar & the blind to attach it.
17) Click on red marble to pull down the blind & get key.
18) Turn right; use key on purple box, get clip-on light.
19) Select click-on light & attach it on the top, slightly right coner of the shelve (there's a color difference if u look closely); click on the right bottom coner of light to turn it on.
20) Turn right & turn right; select bulk & click on the lamp shade; click on red light to turn it on.
21) Click on table to zoom in; click somewhere top right of the table to turn it green (if both light is on, u should see a faint outline on the table).
22) Time to prepare the tiles:-
-Select red tile to view; click somewhere on the top left coner of the tile to turn it over; select black pen & click on the very top center to write a Chinese word.
- select the yellow tile to view; select the white tile & combine them by clicking on the center of the tile;
—> NOTE: you'll need to close the view & reselect the combine tile to view in order to write on it; select red pen & click on the center to write a chinese character on it.
- Select the blue stick to view; select white pen & click somewhere in the center of the blue stick to add a dot.
23) To get all the tiles, select the red tile & put it on the top right coner of the table (within the green area); click on the yellow button.
24) Now we play majong, you'll need to go to all 4 side to swap the tile:-
- 1st, click on the right hand side of the table; select the tile & click on the 7th tile counting from right; click the table side, center small rectangular to open up the bottom drawer, get a blue stick; select the same blue stick you've just pick up & put it on the black bar on top of the table (where the center mirror is)
-Zoom out; click on top side of table; select tile & swap it with the 1st on your right; open the bottom drawer, take blue stick & put it on the table like the 1st 1.
- Zoom out; click on left side of table; replace the 6th tile from your right; get blue stick & put on table.
- Zoom out; click on centre bottom tile to zoom in; replace 4th tile from the right & put your last blue stick on the table; click red button by the mirror & get handle.
25) Zoom out; zoom out & turn left, put hander on door & you're out!!!
Source: Escape Games 24

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