Walkthrough For Escape Game Of Breakfast

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Game Of Breakfast point and click game:

  • Go right
  • click bread, get knife
  • get red pants
  • scan left
  • click all 3 books, open book get picture
  • Go right, turn off light
  • scan down and right, click on stars, get key
  • go right, scan down
  • put red pants on stand
  • click wall behind pants (slightly to the left)
  • open bottom drawer, get box, open to get pliers
  • use key to open top and get envelope
  • open envelope with knife
  • look at documents and get clip
  • look at clip and bend open
  • go to door open with clip
  • you can end here and go out for a not perfect end OR
  • you can go right and reopen the cabinet in the wall and using the key get the blue pants
  • go right and put it on the stand on the left (where the books were)
  • then go out door for the "perfect" end

Source: Escape Games 24

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