Walkthrough For Escape Game Of RPG

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Game Of RPG point and click game:
-Click the right side and get to the fork in the road protected by a guard guarding the castle.
-Click the left tree "branch" to get the Cane of Flame.
-Click the bird to make him fly away. Use the cane to get the seed.
-Use the cane on the guard to move him out of you way. Go left.
-Get the Mysterious Watering Pot. Click the rightmost potted plant and get the key.
-Go back twice and this time click the mushroom house.
-Use the Cane of Flame on the chest frozen in ice. Use the key on the chest. Get the Mantle of Water.
-Go back outside and to the right. This time take the right fork in the road.
-Use the Mantle of Water to help get the Power Glove.
-Go back twice and now click the left side cave.
-Use the Power Glove on the rock and get the Key to Gold.
-Click the leak in the wall until it starts running. Fill the Mysterious Watering Pot.
-Back outside and plant the seed in the ground between the yellow flowers. Water it twice and climb up top.
-Use the cane to move the guard and use the Power Glove to get the Sword.
-Go back down and to the guard watching the castle. Use the Sword on him to get his Shield.
-Go to the castle and use the Key of Gold on the door. Use the Cane of Flame to light the candle.
-It's dragon-fighting time! Hit him with the sword, then protect yourself with the shield. Hit him again, and then protect yourself with the Mantle of Water. Do this 2 times. The 5th time you hit him with your sword, he will leave.
-Get the Ring. Click the door and you're out Perfect Clear!
Source: Escape Games 24

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