Walkthrough For Escape Game RGB

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Game RGB :

The Normal Ending

1. Go right, get first figurine, yellow coin from clock, bottle of water from cabinet, and pull out tissues until a red coin falls out and lands on the floor. Pick it up from the floor.
2. Go right, get brown coin from easel. (the painting is the hint to get off heads from the figurines: right, middle, left, middle, left, middle, bottom)
3. Go right, click on middle painting a couple of times, until it falls off (remember the yellow square, it's a hint for later)
4. Box on couch: throughout the room there some hints, like: fox = blue triangle, red triangle, green circle… if you turn out the lights, you see "box" written on the wall where the painting was. The B is in red, the o in red and the x in yellow. Look at the hints. The "B" is from Bee: blue square; the "o" is from Dog: yellow triangle; the "x" is from Fox ("fax" isn't used): green circle.
This makes the code for the box on the couch: blue square, yellow triangle, green circle. Open the box, you get a bottle opener and a piece of paper.
5.Click on left side of couch, open the bottle with the opener and pour water on the poor plant.
6. Go to right side of couch, click in the corner, you get a knife (hint for this is given on the right painting; the black triangle in the corner)
7. Click under couch on right side. You see a coin in the cushion, cut it out with the knife.
8. go back to the plant you gave water, get the screwdriver.
9. Go left, there is a coin machine on the wall. The piece of paper in your inventory tells you to put in the coins in the following order: brown, yellow, grey, red. Use screwdriver as lever. Left painting falls from wall now.
10. Go to left side of couch: a key came down with the painting.
11. Go to cabinet, use key on right door and get 2nd figurine and a wire cutter.
12. Go to right painting on wall, cut the wires on the corners. The painting goes to your inventory. Look at it, turn it around and get a key.
13. Go to the doors, put key in right door. Lights go green. If you turn off the lights in the room, you see a hint for the code on the wall where the paintings were. The colour code is:
pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, red, red, yellow, green, green, green, yellow, green, green. The door opens and you see piles of tissue boxes (must be a really sad person to keep so many tissue boxes… :p)
14. Now, remember the yellow square on the middle painting on the wall. This corresponds with a tissueb ox (third row from below, second box). Get this tissue box and pull out tissues until the box opens: you get your third figurine.
15. Now go to the thing on the cabinet and put the three figurines in places. You get a key (when pressing on the button).
A second possibility here is to take off the heads of the figurines by turning the head and then pressing the button on the bottom of the figurines (see 2.). But this is nog necessary for ending no 1.
16. Go to door, open it with key and walk out.
Presto! Ending no 1.

The Alternative Ending

1. Do step 1-15 from above.
2. Open door, walk in, but then turn around and close the door. There is our fifth coin! (the blue one)
3. Now go back to room, put coin in machine on wall and pull lever. Now you have got all your coins back.
4. You need to put the coins in the machine again in a different order. This order is given to you when you take off all the heads from the figurines and put the heads on the right bodies. Then put the figurines on the thingy on the cabinet again. Turn off lights in the room; on the wall you see a code: 10 3 7 5 2.
These numbers correspond with the (roman) numbers on the coins. The correct order is: Blue, red, yellow, brown, grey.
Pull lever again, and the secret door opens.

Source: Lazy Laces

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