Walkthrough For Escape Magenta Room

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Magenta Room :
1)Take letter from the window. Look at your ex-girlfriend's name and translate it into numbers using the Alpha Phrase To Phone Number Calculator. Write down that number. Take matchbox from the desk (upper left). Go left. Take match from bull's nose. Take wood and put it in the chimney. Put letter on wood. Light fire with match.
2)Pick up three darts from the "nuthouse" poster and the fork from the kitchen table. Throw the three darts and the fork at the dart board, the board will fall down and reveal a safe. The code for this safe is the number you have converted using your ex-girlfriend's name. Open the safe and pick up everything inside.
3)Go back and turn right. Clear table completely. Lower sides of the table and move table to the far right by clicking at its bottom. Now redecorate the table at its new location to empty your inventory. Open middle bench and write down 4 binary digits.
4)Go right and pick up a note from either leather jacket (open pocket) or suit (behind collar). Write down the next 4 digits. (Be careful to respect the order when you write down these digits. Please follow the order used in this walkthrough.)

5)Go to the screen with the window. Pick up another note. It's either in the box with the spade, below the blanket, or in the middle left drawer of the desk. Write down the next 4 digits.
6)Examine the following things in the kitchen area for another note: georgian spices, teapot, and frying pan. Write down the next 4 digits. You should now have 16 digits (in the order mentioned above).
7)Add the 4 digits you got from the wall safe at the end of these 16 digits. This gives you a 20 digit number. Convert this 20 digit binary number into a 6 digit decimal number. (For example, use Ron's Hard Web Apps - Number Conversion.) If that decimal number has less than 6 digits, fill in zeros at the left to make it 6-digit.
8)This number will open the safe on the floor next to the fire. Throw all false banknotes into the fire and pick up a key from the safe.
9)Go left twice and open left part of bench. Zoom in on the lunchbox. Use key to open it. Take everything from inside.
10)Actually, you only need the axe. Use axe on the door in the screen with the coats. Repeat this and you will see "Game Over" written on the door.

Source: Nordinho

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